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Professional in the field of visual impairment since 1973; specializing in cortical visual impairment

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Parents often ask me to look at their children’s IEPs or IFSPs.  It is inappropriate for me to write goals or objectives for any child because in my role at Pediatric VIEW or as a consultant, I am not a member of the IEP team. Decisions related to the content
Educators who specialize in visual impairment (teachers of the visually impaired, orientation & mobility specialists) have a long tradition of providing services to infants, school-age students, and transition-age individuals who have visual impairment.  They are a proud group and were among the first special educators to serve students with visual
I have long wanted to provide my perspectives on the Perkins Roman CVI Range Endorsement.  There seems to be confusion and even resistance about the Endorsement and I hope to clear up some of the misinformation or misgivings. Around 1994 I was the lead person in a project at The Western

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