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Professional in the field of visual impairment since 1973; specializing in cortical visual impairment

Note: PEdiatric VIEW has been re-opened since June, 2020.  Face to face sessions are conducted in compliance with COVID guidelines and for families who prefer, Zoom/video sessions are also available.  Thank you for your patience and please stay safe.

Welcome to the CVI Resources Website. I offer this site in response to families and professionals who have asked for a reliable method to contact me for information or support regarding children with visual impairment/CVI.

I have been working in the field of visual impairment since 1973, first as an itinerant teacher and O&M specialist in the public schools and later, in university settings preparing future teachers of the visually impaired. My training in medically fragile, high-risk infants led me to develop a parallel career as an infant development specialist in a neonatal intensive care setting. 

My understanding of children with CVI is a result of the joining of my work in both educational and medical settings. I feel fortunate to have had such enriching experiences and to have found myself in a position to offer information and assistance to my fellow educators and to families of children with visual impairment/CVI.

                                                ~  Christine Roman-Lantzy, PhD


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