If you are looking for the serives provided through Pediatric View Program for a CVI Range Assemssment, etc., please contact us at the Pediatric VIEW Program, The Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center, 5324 Penn Avenue, Pittsburg, PA 15224, (412) 441-4884..

What is the Pediatric VIEW Program?

Pediatric VIEW began in 1999 as an extension of NICU follow-up programs in a Pittsburgh-based hospital.

It has been continually administered by Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy, growing from a local program to one that serves families worldwide. Most families seek a CVI Range, which is a functional vision assessment designed to determine the impact of CVI. A written report is then developed as an action plan of targeted interventions and accommodations to support use of functional vision across a child’s daily routines.

Who Benefits from Pediatric VIEW

Appointments can be scheduled for individuals from birth to age 21. If you have concerns about your child’s use of vision, please contact us today.