Introduction to: “As I See It”

Hello and welcome.  Over the years I have had the honor of learning so much from the children, families, and providers I have encountered.  In my long history in the field of education, I have provided instructional sessions about the principles of CVI.  I have taught methods for conducting The CVI Range.  I have shown videos and photos of interventions for individuals with CVI.  But, I almost never feel that it is appropriate for me to give my unfiltered opinion.  Until now.

This blog will provide me with the opportunity to write about topics that stir something in me.  The subjects I select and the points of view will be my own.  I will not be declaring truths but rather, writing about my thoughts and observations on a number of issues associated with CVI. I imagine I will be raising more questions than solving problems.

I have been exploring the topic of CVI for so many years and now feel like the time is right for me to go out on a limb and state my heartfelt thoughts about education, advocacy, and policy associated with CVI.  Perhaps others will share my perspectives although, agreement with me is not a requirement.