Reflections on a day at The Bridge School

Since 2012 The Bridge School has embraced the principles of CVI which began with learning and implementing The CVI Range.  So now, in 2023, the process of addressing supports necessary for creating visual access have become instinctive.  Environments, materials, and partner behaviors are seamlessly applied. 

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The Surprise of Numicon

Numicon shapes Three years ago, I attended a virtual meeting with a parent who was in my on-line CVI course.  I wanted to meet with her because of the story she shared about her son’s CVI journey.  The story was one that is familiar, a story of a less than effective school program.  This mom chose to take responsibility to teach her child at home.  Her at-home program included the use of Numicon, a math support used to address the CVI challenge of understanding numeracy.  I became intrigued and ordered a set immediately after or virtual meeting.  Numicon (Oxford Primary) is a program that includes “shapes” associated…

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