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Professional in the field of visual impairment since 1973; specializing in cortical visual impairment

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I never cease to be surprised by the ways in which functional vision operates in individuals who have CVI. Early on, everything I read and experienced told me that the best chance of seeing improvements in functional vision would be limited to the youngest of children. The golden rule in
This week I saw my final Pediatric VIEW families as a member of the Allegheny Health Network. Tomorrow my materials will be delivered to The Children’s Home and Lemieux Family Center (5324 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224, 412-441-4884). I am honored to have this opportunity to not only continue Pediatric
In the words of singer Mary Chapin Carpenter, “change comes of its own free will”. And change has come to Pediatric VIEW. On May 20 I was informed that my hospital system was “sunsetting” my program. It took me a moment to associate such a lovely image with such a
There is much discussion about these two terms. Some believe that the term cortical refers to a historic affiliation with a condition described by Dr. James Jan & his associates. That is true. Some believe that the term cortical visual impairment has been replaced by a term called cerebral visual
We are now well into a month of pandemic safe distancing. We are mostly home except for those heroes who are working at hospitals, grocery stores, restaurant take-outs, and drug stores. When we do venture out, we cover our faces and wear gloves like bank robbers. We have learned to

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