I Can be Found on YouTube

Well, I did it.  I have a YouTube channel.  At the urging of others, I have agreed that I would give it a try. And, while at it, started a Facebook page too.

There was a time when I could not find one other person to talk to about CVI.  But, thankfully, those days have passed and now there is a great deal of information from a variety of sources and points of view.  There are plenty of others who teach my work and who support children with CVI using The CVI Range approach.  That’s all good.  But, I continue to have the desire to talk directly to others who share my passion for children with CVI so, I’m attempting to do so via YouTube.

The topics I discuss will be varied and presented in no particular order.  I will keep the videos short and will try my best to keep my personal opinions to a minimum.  That stated I doubt that anyone will wonder where I stand regardless of the subject matter.  Wish me luck!