Rearranging deck chairs on The Titanic

In the 1990s I worked at The University of Pittsburgh in the Vision Studies Program.  I had the responsibility of planning and providing instruction for future teachers of the visually impaired. Every spring the students were provided an opportunity to visit some of the major agencies associated with our field.  One of the stops was The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), an organization founded in 1921 and the one to which Helen Keller devoted much of her life. My Pitt grad students had the honor of sitting at a conference table with Susan Spungin who was the associate executive director and vice president of AFB.  For…

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Introduction to: “As I See It”

Hello and welcome.  Over the years I have had the honor of learning so much from the children, families, and providers I have encountered.  In my long history in the field of education, I have provided instructional sessions about the principles of CVI.  I have taught methods for conducting The CVI Range.  I have shown videos and photos of interventions for individuals with CVI.  But, I almost never feel that it is appropriate for me to give my unfiltered opinion.  Until now. This blog will provide me with the opportunity to write about topics that stir something in me.  The subjects I select and the points of view will be…

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How Much Time is Enough Time from the TVI?

Parents often ask me to look at their children's IEPs or IFSPs.  It is inappropriate for me to write goals or objectives for any child because in my role at Pediatric VIEW or as a consultant, I am not a member of the IEP team. Decisions related to the content of the IEP are left to the members of that team of administrators, educators, therapists and of course, parents who are charged with educating the child.  However, it is appropriate, when asked, to provide an opinion on certain elements of the IEP.  For example, if I have evaluated a child at pediatric VIEW and have confidence in…

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